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What is

Run Football Codes .com is the simplest and most effective code harvester.

Click here to visit the developers website for RunFootball Manager.

This tool is aimed at improving your cash income in the Android / iPhone app game RunFootballManager, allowing you to increase your fan base by entering codes from this site, and submitting your own code for others to use.

How to use this tool

Enter your RunFootballManager Run Code at the top to 'login'. Then once logged in any submissions you make will be stored against your code, making it easy for you to determine which codes you have already added as fans.

Upon adding a fan, if you find it is invalid or has reached the maximum number of allowed fans, please select the appropriate option. If the fan is added successfully, select the 'Good' option.

When you have completed the set on the page, click the submit button to save your progress and display the next set for you to enter.

Why does this site look so awful?

We know... and it's intentional, honest! The idea is to keep things very fast, very simple and very accessible from any device with any viewing size.

Bugs, comments, improvements? We'd love to hear from you.

Feel free to email us at